Scrisoare deschisa adresata Excelentei Sale, domnului ambasador al USA, Hans Klemm

May 1, 2017   The Honorable Mr. Hans Klemm Ambassador of the United States of America The Embassy of the United States of America Dr. Liviu Librescu 4-6, București 015118   Dear Honorable Ambassador, please help us, In the middle of a residential housing, in Floresti, Cluj, 11 years ago, has been authorized, the poultry farm, BRAVINVEST. The activity of the company is in flagrant contradiction with the destination that the neighborhood has, namely residential area. Authorization of this activity in the middle of a residential district is primarily a note of defiance of entire neighborhood residents, on the other hand endangers the health hazards to the population, that they generate and last but not least, bothered by odors emitted unbearable. Environmental permit to the poultry farms expired in June 2016 and at the moment are the steps for reauthorization of this poultry farm for the next 10 years. The issue of authorizations of operation, or environment in these conditions cannot be done without breaking national legislation in force. Authorization of this activity in the middle of the residential neighborhood  was done and will be done by violating the act 536/1997 issued by health Minister, of respecting a minimum distance of 1000 m ,for farms with more than 500 birds, compared to inhabited areas. Ensuring these distances between farm animals and housing centers is necessary because breeding objectives generates odors, harmful gases, dust and microorganisms as shown in the impact studies in the field. The impact on public health, has extremely serious consequences, causing even death. It is beyond my understanding how such institutions,as  Floresti Hall, the Regional Agency for Environment Protection Cluj,  Cluj Public Health, funded by public money treating this situation with contempt and indifference towards citizens. The real situation is hidden by the authorities, more than that we are humiliated by Defiant responses communicated by the authorities. Your Excellency, we appeal to your kindness and understanding, with the hope of helping us get rid of this pultry farm because state institutions do nothing in this regard, in fact these institutions participated in creating the situation described, the main culprits.   Horia-Eugen Cristea

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